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At Shore Sight Opticians in Braunton, we can help improve a range of eye conditions. If you have noticed issues with your eyes, no matter the problem, we are here to help and offer professional advice. It is important to notice warning signs as your eye health could also indicate issues with your general health such as diabetes and high blood pressure. These symptoms are not always obvious, so regular tests are essential for maintaining your health.

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Macular Degeneration

Age Related Macular Degeneration AMD, is where the macula, that part of your retina responsible for your detailed seeing at the back of the eye, becomes damaged. It can either be ‘dry’ or ‘wet’. The dry condition is much more common, and it is caused when yellowish deposits build up behind the macula. This may affect your vision over time. There is currently no treatment for this condition other than to monitor it. Wet AMD happens when abnormal blood vessels begin to grow behind the macula and leak fluid. This can often be treated if caught early enough.

One of the most common symptoms of AMD is noticing that straight lines appear wavy, difficulty watching television and reading and recognising faces. Peripheral vision is often not affected.


Diabetes affects the kidneys, nerves and small blood vessels all around your body, including those that supply blood to the retina at the back of your eye. Persistent high blood sugar levels can lead to leakage of these blood vessels and damage to the retina. This is called diabetic retinopathy and is the most common cause of blindness among people of working age in the UK. Visit us today for more information on your eye health.


Cataracts affect the lens inside the eye, as the condition turns it from clear to a milky-white. This happens over a period of time. The main cause is age, however smoking, exposure to sunlight and various medical conditions have also been linked their development. Younger people can also develop cataracts following an injury to the eye.

Symptoms include your vision becoming less clear and distinct, and you may notice headlights and streetlights becoming dazzling. Colours may also start to look different, so if you experience any of these signs, get in touch with us today.

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Glaucoma is a group of diseases in which the optic nerve becomes damaged by the pressure of the fluid inside your eye. This can be because the pressure is higher than normal, or because the nerve is more susceptible to damage. Anyone can get glaucoma; however the risk goes up if you are aged over 40, very short-sighted, of African or Caribbean origin or if you are closely related to someone with the disease.

The symptoms of glaucoma can be very slight in its early stages and often go unnoticed. This disease can cause loss of vision, beginning towards the sides of your vision and gradually creeping inwards to affect your more central vision too. If untreated, this loss of vision is not reversible. If you are concerned, get in touch with us today.

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